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IMG_0240 IMG_0241 Last month I was getting ready to fly out of Loreto to LAX where I would be traveling for 3 weeks. The day before my flight I was feeling a deep pressure in my ears and was worried about flying. I had been living in Baja for 9 months but never really needed a doctor. Well, actually, I did have to see a doctor once before I moved here because I was dizzy, she was wonderful, but didn’t speak English. Luckily my friend accompanied me to the doctor and she spoke Spanish so she translated for me. I did understand one word she spoke “Zumba.” Translation = she wanted me to lose weight!

So here I am on a Sunday afternoon wondering what to do. I asked a friend her advice and she said, “oh you should call Dr. Fernando. He is our family physician and he is wonderful!” After explaining I didn’t have a Mexican cell, she said, “no worries, I will send you an email with his email address.”

Later that afternoon I get the message and I send an email to Dr. Fernando explaining that I fly out the next day and was wondering what I should do. Within 15 minutes I get an email back letting me know that if I was in pain he would meet me at the hospital or if I wanted to wait he would meet me in his office at 9 am. I chose to meet him the next morning since the pain wasn’t severe.

The next morning I followed his directions and made it to his office in Loreto. I waited in his waiting room talking with his receptionist. I should use the word “talking” loosely because I was trying to speak Spanish and she was trying to speak English, but we made it work.

I saw an older “Baja” type car pull up across the street and a gentleman smoking a cigarette and a walker slowly walk up to the door. I stood to open the door for the patient, thinking he should probably put the cigarette out before the doctor sees him or he may get a lecture on smoking.

As I opened the door the gentleman with the sweet smile and big dimples said, “Tammy?”

I said, “ummm, doctor?”

He smiled largely and said, “yes, give me just a minute and I will have you come with me to my office.”

I was still smiling as I walked into his office a few minutes later. He sat across from me at his desk and asked me questions about my ear and myself and got to know me.

After several questions he came across the room and checked my ear and let me know that I had a middle ear infection. He even drew a picture of my ear and explained what was happening inside.

He wrote out a few prescriptions and sent me on my way.

Now normally in the “real” world that would be the end of the story. You pay, you leave.

Not with Dr. Fernando. By the time I arrived back at my villa, after stopping at the pharmacia I had already received an email from him telling me again the way to take the pills and not to hesitate to contact him if I needed anything.

Now having lived all my life in the United States, I can’t recall such a pleasant experience.

Oh and did I mention, doctor visit and all prescriptions all for under $40.00 U.S.

Since that appointment I have sent several friends to Dr. Fernando and they have all had amazing experiences as well.

Now just yesterday I had a friend come visit and within an hour of her landing in Loreto she got dizzy and started throwing up. I emailed Dr. Fernando and he told me what to give her and that he would like to see her tomorrow, oh and if she was still feeling dizzy, not to worry, he will come by my villa and check her.

Did you read that? Read it again…a doctor that makes house calls and it is not the 1950’s anymore!

The next morning, she was still dizzy, I emailed Dr. Fernando and he said, “I will be there by 10:30.”

This story ends with a happy ending of course – hence the title…” Reason #13,297 of why I love living in Loreto…”

Dr. Fernando made the house call, gave her a shot, gave her a prescription and again all of this service for under $50.00.

So when people say to me that are in the states, “oh but what if you get sick???”

Do I worry about that? No way, I have Dr. Fernando. One of my greatest discoveries since moving to Loreto, I put this up there with Mari’s apple pie dessert’s at Sabor.

And just as I was finishing this blog, I checked my email and there was a message from Dr. Fernando asking how my friend was feeling.

I have a feeling Dr. Fernando is the real Superman! Move over Baja Bruce, time to let the real Superman wear that cape!




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