I was watching the news and learned that California will soon be able to play Powerball lottery.  As I thought about the two winners who will share the over 500 million dollar prize I wondered what I would do differently if I was a lottery winner.

Well, first of all…to win you have to play, which is something I don’t do, but may have to start thinking about it!

If I indeed won a huge jackpot what a mitzvah that would be!

Of course I would love to take care of my family first of all, I know Courtney has been eyeing that diamond collar at Tiffany’s. 

Work?  Would I continue to work you may ask…of course I would!  I don’t consider what I do as work.  It is something that comes from my heart.  I love watching and listening to the stories come forth.  I love seeing the healing take place and the love between my students as they listen and share with each other.

I would buy a house, probably several.  I would travel.  I would make all my workshops free of charge to everyone.  I would donte to my temple and to animal rescue.

It is fun to day dream about winning…and of course I would buy tickets to all of the Packers games and have a Super Bowl Party at the super bowl with my friends. 

What would you do if you won a lottery?  It is fun to daydream!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy