This week my little Courtney got very sick.  After several tests at the vet the xray showed her to have an enlarged spleen.  Next week I take her in to get an ultra sound to see what could be the causing this. 

The picture to the right is after the appointment when I took her to my office and she was sleeping.

After having a stressful week with my car I realized that things can always be replaced, but it is our relationships with others that really matter.

It is taking the time to care for those we care about.  It is about taking those moments to share with others what they mean to us.  One way we can do this is through our memoir pages.  Writing down what others mean to us. 

This week in class one of my students wrote about her mother.  It was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman.

Part of the beauty of memoir is the writing of our memories, but the other beautiful aspect is the sharing.  Those who are alive are the ones who will get to share in the beauty of our writing.

Write and share today.  Send someone you love a note about how they matter to you…

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy