Sunday was the completion of my 14th half marathon in 14 months.  We traveled to the beautiful area of Pasadena, California.  Home of the Rose Bowl.  This race was especially fun because my daughter Kristen ran with me.  I think we have run about 5 together, now.  As I have said before, running is something that I love to do.  I love the feeling of waiting at the start and beginning the journey.  I love the nervousness I feel each morning of the race (actually, I don’t really love that part).  I love when you finally get past the first 3 miles and your body settles in to the pace you want to run at.  I love the friendly faces of the spectators cheering you on.  But most of all I love when you see the mile 13 marker and you realize you only have .1 left to run!  The relief you feel as you cross over and hear the crowd cheer for you.  But for me the best part is seeing my little dog waiting for me at the finish line!photo (49)photo (50)

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