This morning while I was hiking on one of my favorite trails I noticed the path I was hiking on.  I could see the many footprints of those who had gone on before me and thought of each print.  I am so thankful that we each have our own path to travel.  I may not understand your path, and you probably won’t understand my path, but that is the beauty of this world.  I think of all the women who have traveled before me on this journey and all of the sacrifices they have made to further our gender, I bless them and thank them.  I think of  some of my older students in my workshops and appreciate them for the sacrifices they have made.  I think of our military men and women who are serving our country so we can have a peaceful path to walk down. I heard it said once that if we all threw our problems into one big pile and we saw each others, we would quickly grab our own back.  I am thankful for this journey, my path and for all of the twists and turns that come my way.  Let me remember each day that my path is mine to walk.

Today in your writing, what does your path look like?  How can you feel supported while you walk your path and if you need support how can you ask for support?  Who do you want to thank that has made walking your path a little bit easier?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy