Wondering what the online writing club is all about?

Join The Online Writing Club!

The 2022 club begins officially on January 1, but for those of you who want to join early I am offering a 2 month bonus. 

That’s right, you can get an early start and begin in November with the monthly lessons.  But if you sign up early you not only get 2 bonus months but I am also giving you  September + October B12 shot newsletters.  These newsletters are meant to encourage and inspire the writer in each of us!

We will meet via zoom once a month in our small groups for community and writing advice!  3-4 times a year via zoom we will have an open mic salon where members are encouraged to share pieces with the online community that  they wrote and can read to the group for support.  We will have guest speakers via zoom, authors and others that will inspire.  Monthly workshops and monthly virtual writing room where we can all join in on zoom and write together for 2 hours. All of this is included in the price for the year!

How do you sign up?  Email me at thememoircoach@gmail.com and and let’s set up a time to talk!  I would love to answer your questions!  Or if you are ready you can paypal or zelle your payment to me or mail a check (I will send you the address after we have talked)

The price is $365.00 which if you sign up this month you get a total of 14 months for the price of 12. (That is just a dollar a day plus the two months of bonus material)

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Online Writing Club

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Each group is limited to no more than 5-6 writers.

You will receive one lesson each month, plus an added extra email that I like to call your monthly B-12 shot.  The monthly B-12 shot is designed to teach, prod, motivate you to keep up your writing practice, or to establish a new one.

Here is just a small bit of what I will be sharing with you in the November newsletter:

I will be discussing beginnings.  Everyone knows that the opening of a scene is the most crucial in your story.  I will show you how to succeed in not just beginning but finishing your project.  That book or story that you so want to write…have you finished it?  This online club will motivate you each month by giving you the tools you need to succeed.

I will show you the elements you need to understand and then convey in your opening scene.  I will give you a first page checklist of what you should have on your very first page.

The strategies I teach will help you begin your book in a way that will leave your readers wanting more.

At the beginning of each month you will get a new lesson and tips and then you will have the next 25 days to work on your piece to submit. Each month you will receive a lesson, some creative writing prompts for you to use at any time to spark your writing and a picture prompt plus a short lesson on grammar.

Starting on the 15th of each month until the end of the month you will have those days to submit your monthly submission of 2,000 words or less.  We learn by reading each other’s work.  The goal is that what you learn each month you will use in your writing.

There will be no more than 5-6 writers in each group, so if you want to be a part of the online community join now and get a 2 month bonus beginning in November, plus the bonus B12’s for 2 months!

Also as an online member you get to take advantage of four one on one sessions with me (these can be in person, email, phone, facetime or skype!)  You can redeem one per quarter – that is a bonus of $200! Plus that is not all! Each month you can join in your group’s zoom chat. This is an hour set aside to get to know each other and talk about writing! Plus Online club members always get a discount on all workshops and retreats! And are the first to get informed of new classes and retreats! Plus…once you join your membership price stays the same.  Your price never increases!

Once you have joined I will send you instructions on what you can expect!

Happy Writing!
Tammy L. Coi

Every month I receive a Vitamin B 12 Shot …no needle required.  This is just one of the rewards you will receive if you become part of Tammy’s On-Line Writing Club.
When Tammy first announced her plans for this new venture in 2015, I signed up thinking that it would keep me motivated.  It has provided much more than motivation.
Here are some of the rewards:

  1. Monthly Lessons…I always either learn something new or I am reminded of tips I need to follow.
  2. Mid-Month Lesson …the B12 Shot…Keeps me thinking about ways to improve.
  3. Story Submissions…Reading unique stories shared by members is like having a feast. They are always amazing to read and often stimulate memories for me or ideas I could use.
  4. Sharing my stories…I have benefited from members suggestions and am always encouraged by positive feedback. The rule is that we never go negative.
  5. Friendship…I know or have met most of the people in my group. I consider each member a friend. Writing and sharing creates a special friendship bond.
  6. Deadlines…Having a deadline does stimulate motivation. But I consider it an opportunity not a “Deadline”.

Tammy has other rewards to offer as well.  So sign up and become part of this unique writing opportunity without ever having to leave your home.

I joined Tammy’s online group two years ago when she established it.  It’s been a great experience and provides great discipline for me.  It keeps me constantly writing, learning lessons and meeting the monthly deadlines.  I’ve befriended so many writers in the groups and I exchange all kinds of personal emails with them.  

My fellow writers are always encouraging with their comments and keep me going.  Truthfully, I write to get responses and wait for them and save them in files.  I love the group and look forward to it each month.  Tammy’s lessons are great and I enjoy her monthly B-12 shots, they are great motivation – well worth it!  Gracias!


You just never know what’ll get you writing consistently when you claim to want to write, but don’t.  The On Line Writing Club has made the biggest difference to me since it’s conception.  I now wake every morning knowing that I have to produce a finished, or semi finished piece each month.  I look forward to the deadline each month.  

It’s the best thing I’ve done to encourage me to keep writing.  The peer pressure and encouragement as well as constructive criticism is the perfect balance.  At the end of the year I find my writing has improved and I stay interested and most importantly it keeps me writing.


WOW, Tammy’s online writing classes have been a writing motivator to me this year.  The submission deadline every month motivates me to write and submit.  The best thing is getting responses back from others in the class as we read each other’s writing.  Some stories are fiction and are chapters, which makes me anticipate the next chapter, the next month, to find out what is going to happen.

When I write my memoir stories, I love getting the feedback from the group as to how it made them feel or if I triggered a memory for them.  It just makes you feel good.  I look forward to the lessons at the first of each month and try to incorporate it into my writing that month.  The B12 shot on the 15th reminds me to write again.  The best benefit of all, I can see and feel my writing changing before my eyes.  It’s getting better!


I have been writing ‘memoir’ with Tammy Coia for 7 years.  I learn from every prompt and from every lesson.  But not until I enrolled as an On Line student with Tammy did I become disciplined. Her B-12 shots, reminders and in put encourage me to write consistently. Something I do now and enjoy more.


This online class has been a wonderful opportunity to keep in touch with old friends via shared writing, while being introduced to new writing buddies who give valuable feedback and fresh insights into the monthly assignments.


I have gained so much insight through Tammy’s online writing club.  Reading the submissions of such talented writers has broadened my creative thought processes in writing my own book.  In addition, I have received positive feed back about my submission with suggestions and thoughts that will only help me to write the best book I can.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow.


"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy