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Wondering what the online writing club is all about?

The 2017 club begins officially on January 1, but for those of you who want to join early.

I am offering a 2 month bonus. That's right, you can get an early start and begin in November.

How do you sign up? Email me at and then pay by payl

Or mail your check to:
Tammy Coia
712 E Vista Chino
Palm Springs, CA 92262

The price is $240.00 which if you sign up this month you get a total of 14 months for the price of 12. (That is less than $20.00 per month).

Each group is limited to just 10 writers.

You will receive one lesson each month, plus an added extra email that I like to call your monthly B-12 shot. The monthly B-12 shot is designed to teach, prod, motivate you to keep up your writing practice, or to establish a new one.

Here is just a small bit of what I will be sharing with you in the November newsletter:

I will be discussing beginnings. Everyone knows that the opening of a scene is the most crucial in your story. I will show you how to succeed in not just beginning but finishing your project. That book or story that you so want to write…have you finished it? This online club will motivate you each month by giving you the tools you need to succeed.

I will show you the elements you need to understand and then convey in your opening scene. I will give you a first page checklist of what you should have on your very first page.

The strategies I teach will help you begin your book in a way that will leave your readers wanting more.

At the beginning of each month you will get a new lesson and tips and then you will have the next 25 days to work on your piece to submit. On the 25th of each month I will ask for you to email your piece to me and then by the end of the month I will send out everyone's piece. We learn by reading each other's work. The goal is that what you learn each month you will use in your writing.

If you are a member of the 2016 online writing club you can renew your membership by following the instructions in your last lesson that I sent you.

There will be only 10 writers in each group, so if you want to be a part of the online community join up today and get a 2 month bonus beginning in November.

Once you have joined I will send you instructions on what you can expect!

Happy Writing!

Tammy L. Coia

Sign up for the Online Writing Club:

Or mail your check to:
Tammy Coia
712 E Vista Chino
Palm Springs, CA 92262

"Because of Tammy I have found confidence in my writing and feel blessed to be honored in such a way. I have found my voice. I have found freedom! I recommend anyone for whatever reason to expand their life and sign up for her writing workshops or classes. You'll be amazed at how good you are and how everyone has a story worth telling. Sign up and set your voice free!"
Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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Tammy L. Coia is an AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA method as described in Writing Alone & With Others by Pat Schneider, Oxford University Press.