Developing consistency between what we believe and demonstrating it by how we choose to live our lives is one of the greatest challenges life has to offer.  I think a great man was Mahatma Gandhi what an example of a life he lived!  He fully enveloped his life to show that actions speak louder than words and he lived his life with such force that it fully showed in all areas: spirituality, compassion, loving-kindness, integrity, equality, nonjudgement and nonvioilence.  These words are synonymous with his name, his life became his message and the world knew it.

In my memoir workshops we examine our lives.  Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “What you are speaks so loudly.  I can’t hear a word you say.”  What is your message to the world?  What do you stand for?  Are you committed to living it 24/7, irrespective of who you are with or where you may be?

Once you examine your life and you have clarity, your life will automatically become your message because you will live authentically from the inside out and it will permeate the essence of your every thought, driving every word, deed, and action.  How you choose to express what you are makes it your message.

Today is a great day to examine what you believe and start writing what it is you want to share with your world today.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy