A few weeks ago I was at one of my favorite places to visit…the library.  While I was looking through the book titles this sweet little boy with very good manners approached me and asked if I could help him find a particular book. 

Now if this was the San Jose library where I grew up, I would have had no problem finding exactly what he needed.  But with no librarian in sight I thought how hard can it be to find a children’s book for this little gentleman. 

Well, we searched and searched and I am happy to report that the book he wanted was found!  What I found were so many books that I read as a child!  I was thrilled to see my old favorites on the shelf.  Since I was a small girl reading has always been a passion of mine.  I remember going to the library every Tuesday at 3:30 for the Bookworm Club.  The librarian would give me a stack of books so high that I could barely carry them, but each week I would read every single one.  Finally, the librarian would have to call up the other branches to get more books because I had read every book my branch had. 

I am always excited to go into libraries, especially when I am travelling.  While in Seattle I visited the Bellevue Library and was amazed at its size and beauty.  I love especially to visit little libraries in small country towns. 

I felt good that I had helped this little boy in the library that day, but as I was leaving I looked in the mirror and realized that I think he thought I was the librarian…oh well, I hope he likes the book we found and the other 10 books I gave him to read!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy