My last year of teaching was two years ago.  I was teaching 3rd grade at a private school in the bay area.  One of my students was a little girl named Claire.  Since moving away (now 17 months ago) Claire has been in contact with me a lot.  At first I thought after I moved that Claire would soon forget about me…well, I am happy to report that my little Claire has not only continued to email me, call me and this past spring she also visited me here in the desert!  This past fall I was able to surprise her one day and pick her up at her school!  I think back to some of my special teachers that I had in elementary school and I hope that I will continue to be Claire’s special teacher throughout her growing up years.  It is wonderful to be loved and admired…especially by such a special little girl!  I love you Claire!!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy