I get asked often by my students if I got my flu shot.  My answer is the same every year, “nope, I don’t get flu shots.”  I just don’t understand the concept of putting the germ into your body so you can fight it off.  I believe that the best way to stay healthy is by the food we put into our bodies.  Since I was recently blessed with an ultra cool juicer I have been juicing alot.  I love the taste of fresh vegetables after they have been juiced.  I realize that I feel better when I eat (or drink) better.  Here in the middle is the picture of what I juiced yesterday morning, it was quite delicious.  I know that when I take better care of my body with the right food and exercise it works better!

I wish you all wonderful health and happiness today and always!photo (48)photo (47)photo (4)

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