Growing up in the shadow of an older sister has its benefits.  The picture to the right is of my sister and 2 of her best girlfriends in high school.  My sister, Sandy (on the far right) had 3 best friends.  Teresa, Doreen and Jackie (not pictured).  I believe Sandy became friends with these girls when she was a freshman and when they were seniors I was starting my freshman year. 

I used to look up to them because they were always having a great time.  My sister was probably the instigator of many of their pranks.  Last week when my sister came to visit me while I was in the bay area we had the opportunity to meet up with 2 of the 3 of her buddies.  As I sat watching them I felt so proud that I was able to be a witness to an amazing group of friends.  They have been out of high school since 1979, but remain close.  Even though they have all moved around they can still connect as if time has not even moved on. 

I am grateful that I have my sister and that I had the opportunity to hang with them.

Today in your writing think about the friends in your life.  Do you still keep in touch with friends from high school or even earlier?  What has kept your friendship strong after all these years.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy