When this little bundle of energy was born I already had a 17 month at home, a 3 year old and a 5 year old!  But nothing prepared our famiily for Kev.  As I think back to this little (now big) guy it always makes me smile.  When I look back at the photos of his young life it was either one of two ways.  He had a huge smile, like this one, or he was pouting.  I think Kevin was a wonderful addition to our family, his bright smile and loving ways make me so happy.  Just the other day he sent me a text that said:” I love you mama, just wanted to say that.”

Last year Kev sent me a text of a tattoo he got on his chest above his heart.  I was looking at the tattoo via my blackberry, which means I couldn’t see it very well.  He texted me and said, “mom, do you see what it is?”  I had to say, “not too well, kev via my phone, I will check it on my computer later.”  What I saw was the sweetest thing…he had my initials (TLC) tattooed on his chest with some paw prints representing Courtney.  I am not a fan of tattoos, but wow, what a sweet thing to do in honor of his mama.

Of course, my oldest son, Kent, ever being the diplomat said:  “Kev, that was the dumbest thing you could have ever done, what if you marry someone that doesn’t like mom?”  Without skipping a beat, Kevin replied…”Who doesn’t like mom?”   Awww, every mother should have their baby be just like my Kev.  Happy birthday Son, I love you and so glad you are who you are!

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