Watch out Melitas, those weights look heavy!
hmmm, for some reason I don’t think Melitas is refreshing herself with a cool glass of water!
A 10-MINUTE DRILL NOT CONDUCTED UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF PROFESSOR COIA. I JUST FELT LIKE DOING THIS “10-MINUTE” AT HOME.This is about BALANCE IN SESSION ONE, Class 2. Remember, I never did get the picture of Session One the 3 or 4 times I took it….maybe in body only. Coia had me taking it over and over before she would even consider graduating me….I told her I did not care to graduate…I just wanted to take all the classes and do the 10-minute drills, and that was enough to fulfill the rest of my days.

….and hang out with all my wonderful classmates…..


Above the line just came out of the keyboard all by itself….it was not a part of my 10-minute drill. Below the line which follows is the real thing.


Where I live, we have the best grub —- bar none. We also have the best bar — bar none.

So that has created a huge amount of BALANCE in my life.

Now there you have it: the Balance in my life comes from a sensational, healthful cooking Warden — Alba, who was an Aztec Princess in an earlier time — and who also serves as chief bartender — under my tutelage, of course.

That’s the reason I am still alive and kicking at 93 going on 94.

MY ADVICE: When you are coming down the road to take off on your beeg vacation, be sure to get a Warden who can cook good healthy food, and YOU EAT IT ALL — CLEAN YOUR PLATE… and maybe your Warden will reward you with a Good Tequila to whet your appetite … then you will be able to continue down that road farther than you ever imagined.


May 3, 2011 Prisoner Melitas Forster, loving every moment God has given me


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