If you checked into my last week’s blog, you may remember that I was going on and on —once again — about the footballs, or lack thereof in my life; also there was a picture with my younger sister, Vivian, and me and our dolls. Oh! Joy! Well, that blog started some reminiscing for Georgia, who is in my circle of golfing friends, and here is what she had to say in an email to me. With her approval, I wanted to share it:


Your story today makes me think of Christmas Days when I was young. I remember the year I knew there was no Santa Claus, and my two dumb brothers thought there was. Boy, was I smarter than they were!!! – especially my brother Jerry, 2 years younger, with whom I fought all the time and secretly wished would fall down the stairs and break a leg. On Christmas Eve after the dumb boys had gone to bed — they would go very early because that meant Santa was free to arrive — Daddy asked me to help him carry in all of the presents from the barn. AND – while we were placing the presents around the tree – I got to eat the cookies and drink the milk the dumb boys had left for Santa!! I never asked or even thought about a football. There was no football in Canada that I knew of, and certainly not out on a farm. My wish for years was to have a Barbara Ann Scott doll (google her and you’ll see how famous she was in Canada!!!!) which I eventually did get although NOT because I was interested in playing with dolls – never was – but because she was such a hero to all of us Canadians.

Georgia Sobiech is the name from Sun Lakes. I only hope that she still has that doll in her possession because if she strolled into Ebay with the doll, she might very well exit driving a Rolls Royce.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy