CHANGES WITH THE MENU                                   OCTOBER 26, 2015


By now, you all know I have been under the weather for a few months here, lolly-gagging around because I just didn’t have the strength to do anything. The old body was on shut-down, and it would be the worst when the brain wasn’t keeping up with itself.

I sorta came to a little, and realized the Warden was fooling around with our food. First thing I noticed was that were only 4 olives in my lentil dish for breakfast. I know she is on a “watching the pennies” kick, but 4 olives?? Come on, give the old lady 8 or 9 if it makes her happy. So, no wonder I have been feeling like a shadow of my former self. You gotta eat things that are fattening and have lots of protein to keep the muscles from getting flabby. I had been weighing in at 112 for the past several years, and now here I was hitting the 100# marker.

The olives weren’t the only thing – suddenly I am being asked if I would like an omelet. An omelet???? I said, “Yes, that would be wonderful.” Except, she can’t cook eggs — the yolk always breaks before it lands in the pan. But then, she reminded me that when Tammy was here the first of the year, she had taught the Aztec Princess how to toss an omelet together. I have to admit she can make them now to perfection. With the lentil menu, or the omelet, there is always a little sauce dish of some fruit: banana, papaya, grapes, or mango with a big dollop of cottage cheese (good protein.)

We do have another choice: she likes Cheerios, and I can have Rice Crispies, but they have to have cream. I don’t do milk.

Now this meal may be served anytime between 11 AM and 2 PM. It depends when my body can get out of bed. That means it’s breakfast. We exist on only 2 meals a day. My cocktail arrives around 4, then supper may arrive anytime between 5 PM and 7PM. Snacks are sometimes rounded up about 3 or 4 PM, and that throws the supper off a little. About half hour or more after dinner, a big dish of ice cream is put in front of me.

Now this little tale has come out differently than what I started with. I had it in mind about being half starved to death, but it isn’t that way at all. I think it was when I mentioned the 100 pounds that the plates were piled higher, and here I am tipping the scales (no, not the Tequila) at 105# this very morning.




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