Have you ever wondered about some of these things they say will get rid of ants, or flies, or cockroaches, or whatever?  I’m not talking about Raid, or other similar poisons.  I am talking about stuff that very well may be sitting in one of your cupboards, or under the sink, or on a garage shelf, or even in the medicine cabinet in your bathroom.  I wonder about them, and sometimes I come up with one of these suggestions on how to get rid of some pesky critter, and the very first one I will tell you about is:  How to Get Rid of the ants running around in your garden.  You definitely do not want them breaking and entering into your home, so we will cut them off at the pass.         

Now this method of eradication works. I have been doing this one for a number of years.  Of course, we have a pest control service coming every month, and several years ago I noticed these ants scurrying up and down this malaluca (sp?)  tree on east side of house.  Talk about Carmageddon on I-405!  It’s on the side of the house where it is a narrow space,  and that’s why I was out of touch.  When I spied them, I thought what in the world is that pest guy doing?  Anyway, I immediately ambled into the house and asked the Warden if she had any corn meal hidden away……..what do you know? ………she slapped that box in my hands before you could say “Taco Bell,” so back to the tree where I poured that corn meal all around the tree, and into the crevasses where the bark was loose, and on the ground around the tree.  THE VERY NEXT DAY THOSE ANTS ARE OFF AND OUT.

I know that really works.  Put it on ant hills or where you see them high tailing somewhere  —- toss it on them.  The next time I saw the pesty guy, I told him he wouldn’t have to bother with that one tree.  In fact, I asked him why the company doesn’t use that tried and true method on ants.  He hemmed and hawed.  It would save his company lots of $$ just for when they get calls about the ants.  They would still have to spray for crickets and black widows and so on, and as of this moment I don’t have any tricks up my sleeve to take care of those bugs.

I have to leave you here, high and dry, but look for more neat tricks to use up  stuff hanging around your house.



"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy