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“Late Breaking News” when it appeared on Tammy’s web site, by noon a half dozen of my Dear Readers had posted Replies with some choice remarks. It must’ve hit their funny bones early, and of course I was just thrilled to pieces. I love all the Replies, in fact, I save them and there are some doozies. Some tell me how wonderful the Blog is and some give me a hard time — that I am not being nice to the Warden. Some are so hilarious with their remarks that I go around laughing to myself, so thank you Dear Hearts — just know you are avidly read from Monday to Sunday.

Since this started as a follow-up to the last Blog, I have to reveal we are not going with the “Old Ladies” story that I promised. Those two will just have to bide their time in the wings. Maybe they can be released next week.

Later in the afternoon, I had an appointment with my Hearing Aid expert. I have been going bonkers with these ear plugs I have now. All I hear from other people is how they just hate theirs — can’t hear the conversation, just the background. A lot of people don’t bother wearing their Aids. I have been hearing about a new hearing aid that is controlled with a “smart” phone. It had sounded interesting, but if you know me at all — I HATE THOSE PHONES!

I was told that I would need an Apple I-Phone 5 or better (those run $450.00 and up) or an Android Samsung Galaxy S4 at $174.00, or a Motorola Moto G at $150.00. There is the information I needed, so told the Hear guy that I needed to think it over.

From there we stopped at Staples. We needed a few items and when we were checking out, the cashier had everything on my Staples credit card. Then she was talking on the phone and looking at me and then whispered over the counter to me that they were not accepting my card. Then I went off in a loud voice that I had forgotten to pay the bill in the amount of $2.98! So we stood around, shifting from one foot to the other and finally thought to ask if we could use another card which they let us do. Oh, the ignominy of it all!

Went home and got on the laptop to find the proper “smart” phone that would not cost an arm and a leg. Went to Amazon. They had I-Phones ‘way out of my price range. Remember, I also have to pay big money for new ear plugs. Amazon did have some Android phones that would work and then I phoned our wonderful carrier, Consumer Cellular, to pick their brain. Alba and I have two clam cell phones with 1500 talk minutes a month for a total charge of $42.00. I never use my phone because number one I can’t hear on it, can’t even hear when it rings with these swell ear plugs I have now.

Consumer Cellular has I-Phones starting at $450.00, then I asked about the Motorola at $150.00, and that phone will work with those new hearing aids. I signed up immediately and the lady said that there is a $25.00 discount so it would be $134.00 to change phones. I made it very clear — no texting — NO TEXTING, I MEAN IT. If text is enabled I will personally have the ISIS kidnap you and chop off your head with one whack!

Now, all of you Dear Readers, have all the gathered facts and data if you need some hearing aids that you can hear with.



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