Dancing the Sunday afternoon away … and here is the true-blue type of attendee at the Sunday sessions — a Barefoot Isadora Duncan.

For life of me, can’t remember their names. Here’s the piano, bass, and drums. The sax man can barely be seen on the left. They were a great group and all lived in the area.


This little lady just felt like entertaining — didn’t who she was — but she had the audience enthralled so we didn’t drag her off with the hook.

Here is Eydie, our featured song gal on weekends. She would belt those ballads out from her great big heart. Everybody loved her.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, well, that’s already a big fib — there were no quiet Sunday afternoons! Here is Mary Ann McCall, great singer in the Big Band Era. Met her in Hawaii when she was appearing at my old friend Annie had class acts at her night club half a block from the beach in Waikiki. She and her husband Norm stopped in to see me at the Barefoot, and before long she was singing her little heart out to the enjoyment of all the crowd. That’s my jazz ensemble who were thrilled to be backing her.





Again Eydie in her inimitable way. Always the kerchief. By the looks of this photo, she is performing a popular love song of the era. What memories for me.










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