mel blog 11-16DISCUMBOBULATED                                         NOVEMBER 16, 2015



Yes, I’m so discumb—– , and it’s all because that smart phone arrived last Monday, and it has me bonkers trying to figure it out. It IS smarter than I, so maybe I will have to just forget about new hearing aids and just carry a chalk board around for people to write down when I ask “What?”

You should be made aware why I’m searching for the answer to hear sounds more correctly. Our friend, Dr. Foxx who has the spa over at Grand Champions in Indian Wells, was telling the Warden how his life has changed since he found these hearing aids which can be controlled with a smart phone — his smart phone is an I-pod, but I am trying to get by with much less expensive android, although some androids are high-priced also. Anyway, it’s possible to cut out the background noise for him. I gotta tell you about the Doctor, Richard Foxx. He’s had quite a busy life — a rated polo player, trainer of polo ponies, a physician, an US Army Surgeon, authoring equestrian and medical articles for numerous magazines. So 4/5 years ago he published a book titled “Spirit Ranch,” and I’m saying you should read it because it takes place right in our Coachella Valley in the neighborhood where I lived for 25 years. You can find it on Amazon. (ADV)

All I meant to bring up was just about Dr. Foxx with his new “ears,” not his autobiography. (I didn’t even ask his permission.) Oh well, if he sues, he sues.

I went back to the smart phone to try to find the application needed to work with the Moto G (short for my phone,) and for the life of me I couldn’t find anything close. Last evening, I had spent a couple of hours flipping through hundreds of apps with no success, but started in again. NO success, so I stopped to rest my eyes, and soothe my “savage breast,” before I have a nervous breakdown. If I don’t find that App. It means I have to exchange for a different phone, and that means more $$$$.

Went out in patio to try to read the paper, but I really don’t know how one can relax reading about all the trials and tribulations in the world today, so what I did was just sit there and enjoyed the “rays” warming my old carcass.

Door bell rang, and there was Maureen Croft, who was going to try to help me with the phone situation. She has a Samsung, and found this app — TRULINK — on her phone right away. (I knew she was really smart, that’s why I had asked to borrow her today.) Not long into her search on my phone, she found Trulink! She saved me those $$$$, and now I am wondering if I will get a bill for her time, and travel time, plus the gasoline. Oh, dear, dear!

Here this story started so dreary with things like nervous breakdowns, and being all discumbabled (another way for me to spell that “is not-a-word,”) then it all turned out so wonderful for me in the end, I’m almost sad that I didn’t put on the story of the Two Old Ladies. But they can wait, and in the meantime, I can now get my new ear plugs, and maybe it will straighten out my rotten disposition. Hopefully.



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