I would love to let you know this blog post was from Melitas, but I gave her another week off to rest up and get back on her feet.  I visited with her last Tuesday and I have to say I left her house feeling very depressed.  She was just not her usual self, but still in a lot of pain from her swollen feet and her leg.  Alba aka “the warden” was wanting to play golf on Thursday so I volunteered to “watch” Melitas while she was out for the morning.

If you will remember, I had volunteered to “watch” Melitas back in January when the warden went to go and visit with her family.  At that time Melitas was 93 and I had visions of us having a grand old time playing cribbage and watching football on tv and lots of relaxation!  That week was exhausting!  Melitas was busy, busy, busy!  Even the warden commented upon her return that I looked exhausted! So knowing that Melitas was on the mend I quickly accepted the challenge.  I brought my computer to work on since I figured Melitas would probably sleep until 10 or 11, as I had been told she had been doing lately.  I planned on arriving around 8:45 so I quietly let myself into “casa agave”.  As I slowly closed the door I heard Melitas yell out from the kitchen, “You don’t need to be quiet I am already up and dressed and drinking my coffee!”  As I walked into the kitchen she looked like her old self feeling much better than she was two days before!  We sat and chatted and we sat on opposite ends of the table reading the paper and when she was ready I heated up the delicious breakfast burritos the warden had made for us.  I reminded Melitas that she still needed to rest and keep her leg elevated until she fully regained all of her strength…

Do you think she would listen to me?  This is what happened next:  First she started cleaning out the refrigerator, then she loaded the dishwasher and then she started doing some laundry.  I told her to please sit down and relax, but good old Melitas likes things done her way.  So this “sitting” job ended much the same way, with me exhausted!  I know  you are all sending love and prayers to our dear sweet Melitas and hopefully next week she will be back to telling us how it is!


"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy