THIS STORY I’M STUCK WITH                                                  MAY 13, 2013


My story for Monday, May 13, 2013, is on hold for the moment — it is only half completed, so I will try to finish it to get it out on “TUESDAYS, —  or –WEDNESDAYS,  — or  WHATEVERS WITH MELITAS.”

Too much confusion around here — the birthday has been hanging on for dear life, not wanting to let go.  Lunches ‘n stuff, visitations, then throw in the old pooped-out carcass we’re dealing with here, and you can read between the lines — and get the picture.

Now for my 50th, the celebrations went on for 6 weeks … and no surprises, I was too alert in those bygone days — and at the 95th, it’s been 4 weeks with three SURPRISES!  Yes, it started on April 20th, and now it’s 4 weeks later!  Anything beyond those 4 weeks would certainly be treading on this ice.  (I never use thin ice, it is always those nice-sized cubes that don’t melt too quickly.)





melitas napping

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