MISSING FOOTBALL PICTURE                                      JUNE 3, 2013


Last week when the “WERE WE READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?” went out on Tammy’s web site, I checked to see if it was really there.  When it isn’t there, I only have myself to blame.  I’ve tried to figure a way to put the blame on Tammy — I absolutely hate having it be my fault all the time.  While I had the story on the screen, I decided I may as well read it and count all my mistakes — what am I saying???  — MY mistakes??? — my misTAKES???

Reading along, it suddenly dawned on me, the story was about football, and there was really no football in it.  No scores, who won, no exciting play where I would run 98 yards for a touchdown, then lay there in the end zone while they revived me.  I can’t seem to remember the games.  I can remember being bussed to the various stadiums, and can see all the fans in the stands — waiting for some football — from there it’s blank.

I did talk about train rides, bus rides, eating raw oysters, and went on and on about our super hero sponsor, Marty.  But no actual football games.  You know what I think — I think I developed a mental block, and I hate to do this to my old brain because it might get stuck in that position.  Then, where would I be? — Probably just sitting around with no memory parts in the brain container.

The picture (circa AD 1937) appearing here today is ALL about football.  I was 19, and before I blinked an eye, here I am 95.  “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  That’s what they say.  I don’t know who these “THEY” people are.  I wonder if they are having fun.



2nd player from left, front row = Melitas
3rd player from right, front row = Jan Wood
Lois Terry, the tippy-toe fullback, the pussy-cat, not there.  No show for picture op.





"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy