Last week, I was seated at the antique dining table, concentrating on the numbers for income tax purposes. The table has become the office around here because the office room is impossibly junked up—the dining room is fast taking over that problem, and I don’t know what will happen when it finally surpasses the office with junk. Anyway, I was all hunkered over applying my attention to those numbers because you better be very precise where the IRS is concerned— and don’t forget the Franchise Tax people, they want all they can get too.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the Warden was serving me the usual cocktail, so I knew it must be 5 o’clock over in Arizona—she has been in that time zone since taking a vacation with her family in Phoenix area over the holidays. (I hear that I am not supposed to say “Christmas” anymore). I kept fiddling with the tax number, and then took a fast little sip of the Tequila over the rocks with the salted glass and a squeeze of lime. I noticed the sip was very weak, but was so engrossed with tax figures, it did not really sink in.

After a little while, took another sip, and this sip made me forget about the taxes. What was going on?—so I asked Alba, er, The Warden, if she was using a new Tequila. No, it wasn’t that, then it popped into my mind that she is probably trying to wean me off the stuff. She’s getting sick and tired of the 4 o’clock—5 in AZ—routine every day, every day, every day. All she had to do is mention it, and I could easily rustle up my own cocktail—especially after all those many years I had in the bar business. I got up from my chair to have her sample the drink, and she had to agree—there was NO TEQUILA in it. We looked on the drink-making section of the kitchen counter, and there, as big as life, sat a Pellegrino bottle of WATER. That’s the stuff she waters down her Tequila with, but we do recycle those empty Pellegrino bottles by taking off the label and decanting some Tequila in them simply because I am not strong enough to lift and pour out of the huge bottles of the real stuff.

You realize that 5 o’clock is universally the magic hour for cocktails, so it is quite thoughtful of the Warden to keep thinking in AZ time, and that makes me happy that it’s 4 here because I begin to fade much earlier than in the past, so what a boon for me. Now wouldn’t you just know that I would have a clock sitting up on the sideboard with no other hour numbers than FIVES!

No you would have to wonder why I happen to have the 5 o’clock clock. Simple answer: My esteemed Doctor of 20-25 years ago made it for me, and I guess there was a message somewhere. She didn’t like anyone to smoke-a cocktail was okay. I have treasured that clock ever since. The glass face was broken, but I never replaced it—easier for me to see the time. I was crushed when my Doctor retired about 10 years ago, but I soon got over it when I had to start seeing her replacement. Now this new Doctor had the same beliefs about the smoking and the cocktails, so I was in safe hands. Now, she is esteemed–mainly because she is taking very good care of me.

Before July of 2011, the Warden would always join me at cocktail hour (5 PM in AZ,) and we both relished the Tequila—hers with the dash of Pellegrino—and shooting the breeze about the day’s happenings. The month of July is Alba’s time to have her physical with Esteemed Doctor, and this time the reports were not so hot. Her Triglycerides were ‘way up into outer space,’ the Cholesterol was off the charts, the Liver—horrors! Every thing in disarray, and off she went moaning to Doctor about the results. All the good Doctor had to say was: “You should know by now that no way you can keep up with her—she’s had all those years of practice.”

The Warden immediately dropped out of my cocktail hour. I am foraging around to find some kind soul who will “just stop by” at 4 PM and who will join me for a cocktail, and some lively conversation.


THIS IS IN THE PRESENT TIME: February 5, 2012, 3:00 PM and what just took place???? I was served my cocktail, and the announcement that came with it was simply “well, it’s 4 o’clock in Phoenix.”


This coming Friday, I am going to my graduation of the Master’s Series. I never did want to graduate the first time in 2010 when I had completed the Legacy Series. I just wanted to keep on writing my little heart out, especially the 10 minute drills. Who needs this graduation stuff? I now have to admit I’m very proud at this time, and I have loved every minute mingling around in the classes with all these wonderful women—and it it weren’t for Tammy putting up with me, and urging me on. Thank you all.

Which leads me to wanting to invite you all to come and watch me graduate this Friday. We will be having a luncheon in my honor (and the other 3 women who have been my classmates). To make your reservation you can contact Tammy at before Wednesday at 3 pm. The cost is $35.00 and the time is 11am-2pm. My warden will also be attending! I would love for as many of my “fans” to be there as possible!


I figured out now about the 3 PM start for my cocktail hour. The Warden was off to a Super Bowl party.









































"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy