You know, it’s been awhile since I have been able to get the “Mondays with Melitas” back on track.  I’ve had a few little setbacks with my legs.  Remember the “Trip on the Nile oh, no the tile” when the 911 guys had to be called?—–well that’s when this all started, and one thing led to another. I’m in Physical Therapy right now with Shelley and her great group, and they are working their magic on my old muscles;  so am shaping right up, and am beginning to feel more like my old self — and it takes some doing to feel like your old self at this age.  (And I am confused about which old self I feel like — there is a pretty long stretch of “old self” to pick from)

Now I need to get back into the flow of life other than just writing my memoirs.  First thing to take care of —  get to beauty shop.  (I know you’re thinking “does she really think that will help? — dream on, Melitas”)  I haven’t seen my Pedicure gal, Gail since the middle of August 2012, and it’s been late September for my Hair gal, Sabrina. I might look like it was 2011. Some of these past months have been a little blurry because of the antibiotics and scarcity of my Tequila cocktails.  (They are back on my schedule now.)  I am sick and tired of feeling puny.

So, I took the bull by the horns and made a couple of phone calls. They went something like this:  First, Gail

“Hello, is this Gail?”

“Yes — Melitas?—— ?

“No, this is Howard Hughes in the Penthouse at the Desert Inn, and my toenails are hanging over the balcony into the swimming pool, but at least they are giving the swimmers a good scratch on the back.  I need your help.”

Then all this screaming with laughter came out of Gail  —  I didn’t know if it was ever going to stop so I could get serious about an appointment with her.  She finally got control of herself, and I’m now all set with her for next Thursday at 3:00 PM.

Then I dialed Sabrina:

“Hello, is this Sabrina?”

“Yes, —- Melitas? ——

“No, this is Willie Nelson, and I need to see you about a trim and maybe even a perm, because the Coachella Music Festival is coming soon, and I want my hair to really look nice.”

There again hysterics and laughter from her end, so finally was able to cut in and make my appointment for next Thursday at 2:30 PM.  Just before the appointment with Gail.

We will be having a fun time on Valentine’s Day, while Gail cuts, cuts, cuts, those toenails,  Sabrina will be nonplused about what to do with the feathers on my head — cut, cut, cut, or—maybe even  perm, perm, perm?

At least I now have a new lease on life.  They didn’t give me the “Notice to Vacate” just yet.



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