THE TRUTH — NOTHING BUT                                 FEBRUARY 01, 2016


Remember several weeks ago, when I announced loud and clear all over the website that I had the gout? The Warden and I had been wolfing down all those fancy foods just before Christmas, and this would certainly be instrumental for the gout to rear it’s ugly head. That was not telling a lie, but I didn’t have the gout AT ALL!


It would be just awful to tell even a little white lie because Joan Chase would be sure to discover the discrepancy. There would be pandemonium in Replies section of the Blog. Joan would never let me get away with anything. And, as I look back over my life — the first words my Dearest Mom uttered to me: “Do not ever tell a lie!”


On the other hand, I think the first words Joan’s Dearest Mom said to her were: “Just grow up to give Melitas a bad time when she needs it.”


So here’s the scoop about that painful elbow. The elbow was already swathed in bandages covering a recent run-in with “Tripper”. (I no longer call the 4-wheel walker “Traveller” [Robert E. Lee’s horse,] it became “Wheels,” and now its new name is “Tripper.”) Those bandages had not been wrapped very tautly, and would slip down baring the yellow cover stuff on the wound —not good. Bacteria are lurking everywhere, and the antibacterial pills are already working overtime. I had to keep pulling the bandage up over the elbow every 5 minutes, and then I had a 9-ledlight signal from the brain with the answer.


I put a tighter piece of that tube-like net stuff they use to secure the gauze wrapping, just pulled it over all the stuff on there, and it then it stayed in place. It worked all right, but it did more harm than good. Two days later, the elbow was swelling and beginning to pain, and I mean pain as in “10.” Fluids were blithely building up,   a n d   that’s why

I   a m   s ay in g:


“Oh, The Pain Of It All”



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Melitas needle

BEEG needle for pushing in stuff to build up hemoglobin


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