IS THERE LIFE AFTER “WHAT A LIFE!”?                   AUGUST 17, 2015


There is no rhyme or reason why over 90 people showed up                 at Heritage Palms CC on Saturday, July 25th for a book signing of THE BOOK. I could not, and still cannot fathom it — was it a dream? — maybe it was because I do need to be getting loads of sleep to catch up on all the z-z-z-s I lost in the past year. The festivities were so great: Tammy had the schedule moving right along, the speakers all had a few, choice words. I want to mention their names because it would be nice to take them along on all the book signings that I may be asked to do in the future. I am keeping a copy of what they said so it will all be the same when we are out on the road. I loved what they had to say. To be ready, I have to keep watching the Sunday paper for the top 50 book sales — I haven’t broken into that elite crowd yet. You have to have hope. That’s part of life.

I forgot to mention that I dolled up in my Grand Marshal gear that I wore back in 2009 for the San Juan Capistrano Swallows Day Parade. (I love wearing my boots.) Further on that subject, that was such an honor for me, and I had a wonderful, memorable time..

Here I have been straying again off the subject. The Ladies who spoke in this assembly of booklovers are all writers in Tammy’s school. There was Pat Erickson, Jo Ann Gill, Paula Young, Marlene Levine, Maureen Croft, DorYs (yes, that is Dorys with a “Y”) Forray, and Vickie Rabjohn. Let me tell you, that is a hand of 7-card stud to draw to. These are all my pals in writing classes, so they had to say something kinda nice.

Then my Puerta Rican Friend, Maribel Llorens, made her way to the podium with Tammy, and they insisted I join them. They had a lovely gift for me, and I had a terrible time getting into the package. I was beginning to fade fast from all the overuse of my body signing 175 books. My right arm nearly had to succumb to a shot from Dr.C.

to revive it. Those books are heavy. I thought Maribel would never get through her story of how she struggled to smuggle the gift from the bowels of Mexico through check points, evading the authorities, and I am so happy she was able to get back into the US of A without being dragged off to jail for smuggling. Oh, by the way, the gift is a very pretentious looking bottle of Tequila. She and Tammy told me that it is a very expensive bottle. I am wondering if it is the bottle that is expensive, or if it is the Tequila in it. I have to trust them because I am not about to drive down to Loreto to check this “REGALO DE DIOS” brand out. (Translation: “Gift of God.) I don’t know whether to open it or not. If I ended up hooked on it, I wouldn’t be able to keep myself supplied because the finances are dwindling down just like the body, and I can’t seem to visualize the Three Wise Men making their way to Casa Agave on Dandelion Dr. to bring me the replenishments I would need every few weeks.

One of my great nephews, Michael Forster, managed to get the floor, and had some kind words. I think it was a good thing for him to do, and show the booklovers that the Forsters are nice people who stick together through thick and thin. Thanks, Mike. There were so many of the family there, I can’t go on and on with all their names. I was so proud they were there.

My right arm, the whole thing, from fingertips to rotator cuff, is throwing in the towel for this week. The appendage must last long enough for me to give many thanks who joined in this unforgettable celebration. Thanks to all the help we had, and then to all you who came to see what this book, “What a Life!” is all about.

If you figure it out, let me know.

MELITAS FORSTER                          MONDAYS WITH MELITASbook signing 1bREGALO DE DIOS

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy