A note from the desk of Tammy L. Coia:

I know you are expecting to see our dear friend Melitas spreading her laughter and wisdom on this blog today, but unfortunately she is feeling a little under the weather.  I did go by to check in on her yesterday to make sure she really was not feeling well and not just playing possum.  I was ready to give her a lecture if I saw her in her tiedie t-shirt heading out the door to Coachella to rock and roll with all the other 85,000 visitors here in Coachella Valley this weekend. 

But no…she was still in her cute little pj’s and snuggly robe drinking a cup of coffee with the paper next to her side.  Her hair did look a little disheveled, but she is on the mend.  I told her I would give her a reprieve from the weekly grind of blog writing and told her to get better soon!

With only one week away from her 94th birthday she needs to get all the rest she can get.  The warden told me that she slept for 14 hours straight the night before, so I am assuming she must really need the rest!

I know we all look forward to hearing from her next week with her weekly blog.  I am enclosing a picture I took of her (not yesterday, but a few weeks ago).  Feel free to leave Melitas some comments today as I know she loves hearing from each of you each week!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy