WHO’S THE WARDEN?                                 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014


The Warden went off on the 22nd of October to start her vacation with the knee surgery, leaving Niece Marcie here in charge as Vice Warden.


Alba is so tough, she was up and walking; and off to the Carlotta Rehab. Place in no time. In Hospital early, early Wednesday morning for the “fix,” then over to Carlotta on Sunday. They have plenty of things for you to do while there. She saw a bunch of old movies, and even played bingo. They managed to give her plenty of therapy between Jimmy Stewart and Audrey Hepburn. She was getting around that place without a cane or walker after only a day or two. She is one tough cookie, and the reason is that she spends a lot of time on exercises each and every day of her life. In that respect, she is also a smart cookie.


Marcie and I, in the meantime, back at the compound, spent most of the time trying to think of what we would have for dinner each day. Marcie would be up several hours before my peepers greet the day, so she would have her breakfast, then when I got up, I would scrounge around for the lentil routine. The very first morning, while Alba was on the operating table, I must have been nervous trying to arrange my lentil components. When I finished eating, I realized I had forgotten my beloved calamata olives! Horrors! What is this world coming to?


The first evening, the Fill-in Warden busied herself with dinner preparations, and when we ate, it did not turn out like our first meal should have; instead, it was more like our last supper. But we survived. We just didn’t prepare the fish sticks the way Numero Uno Warden had told us.


Since the Warden didn’t leave us with 3 Costco Rotisserie cheekin like last Christmas when she went to be with her family in Phoenix area, we did have a slight problem with our menus. Marcie, however, came through like the trooper she is, and came up with some nice stuff. We ate Talapia, baked chicken, lots of asparagus and broccoli, mushrooms galore, etc. We didn’t go hungry, and there were NO TV dinners coming through our front door.


When Alba came home on Monday, November 3rd, Marcie gave up her Wardenship and left for home in Riverside. So what did that mean? Well, you have to have a 24/7 Warden around here, and with Alba out of commission —

So it came to pass that the duties fell on my stooped shoulders. Can one possibly visualize that?


You know, it isn’t easy being Warden. I am not exactly submerged in the position like cooking and taking care of me. I am doing the washing like always, but Alba seems to end up with most of the folding. Together, we both fold the sheets so they come out professional looking. (Remember the Fluff & Fold business in Laguna Beach?)


But I do get to drive the car. I have to take the Patient to her appointments with the Doctor, or for x-rays, or therapy, or to Stater’s — wherever. Isn’t it a good thing the DMV renewed my driver’s license till I’m 101?


So I get to drive — at least until the Doctor gives her the green light to use that right knee on the throttle or the brakes.


I’m tired of playing Warden.



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