Well, here we are:  Tammy’s ailing computer is all well again, and the web site can crawl out of the darkness.  Except, now I am feeling puny and cannot convince my fingers to type up the story which was set to go for Monday , October 27th, or then the next week, November 3rd.

    No, I am not leading up to putting the blame on Tam.  She couldn’t help it if her PC decided to just stop working while in Baja.  Maybe her machine was just too scared to be in a foreign country.
    My story awaiting release is about the Vice Warden Marcie and all our goings-on while Warden Alba was ensconced in hospital for 3 days getting a brand new knee, then going over to the Carlotta Rehab place to vacation for a week.
    Alba returned home, her “Warden” title stripped.  Marcie immediately left for her home, and here I am THE WARDEN.  It’s a good thing the DMV gave me a license to last till I’m a hundred and one.  I have to drive my patient around to see the Doctor, take her to Stater’s — things like that.
    Tune in next week.  Mondays with You-Know-Who.
    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2014
"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy