Kathy's Kookies

Kathy’s Kookies

KATHY’S DELIGHTS ON WHEELS                                 MARCH 28, 2016


We have a neighbor, Kathy, who, with her husband, Steve, live down in the cul-de-sac at the end of our street, Dandelion Drive. We met them several years back when our neighbor, Lori introduced us at her first ‘hood party. Lori was our Social Director, and when she moved away to Houston we don’t have any more soirees to celebrate birthdays, or 4th of July, or any other old day we need an excuse for.

Whenever Kathy and Steve arrived at one these social gatherings, I would know some sort of delightful dessert most probably had arrived with them. (All I took was my Tequila on the rocks, salted rim, squeeze of lime, in my tall insulated tumbler to keep it cold and enough of it to last a couple of hours.)

Kathy is an inspired Baker. She absolutely loves and adores to bake, and she puts her whole heart and soul into it. The oven is always on “bake.”

Same ol’ stuff does not come out of there. Her kookies, or cakes, pies, or whatever she has dreamed up, is always decorated, and looking like a graduate of that cooking school in Paris had accomplished the results.

She spends so much time baking, I am hoping she doesn’t move her kitchen into the living room to be a little more comfortable in the easy chair or on the sofa.

You would think the two of them, both Kathy and Steve, might be on the corpulent side with all that bakery stuff sitting around; but no, both are as slim and trim as can be. I get the picture — Kathy just adores baking — but they don’t eat it! She packs them up in colorful containers, and are put in their “delights on wheels” (their SUV) and deliver the “sweets on wheels” to friends and neighbors. She probably was noticing how I was looking, thin and half dead; so for months now, the “wheels” parks in our driveway, and Steve gets out to deliver the goods. This week for Easter, it was a basket with Easter Bunny grass in the bottom with Kathy’s Kookies very professionally laid out on top. Just take a look at the photo. Two alike cookies, decorated — big ones, small ones, dark ones, yellow ones, white ones, different flavors.

Right now I am sitting here scribbling away, munching one of those big kookies, and washing it down to my happy tummy with a bottle of Boost High Protein. Five or six months ago, I was weighing in at 101#, and this morning the scales were creaking at 108.5#. It’s a good thing I have loads of sagging onion paper skin to fill out.

Thanks, Kathy, for all those treats, and thanks to your punctual deliveryman, Steve. He’s a keeper.

Especially if he doesn’t forget how to find 79613 Dandelion Dr.


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