mel blog 3-21A DAY WITHOUT OLIVES                                           MARCH 21, 2016


Here’s the thing; Last week, there were two bowls of breakfast lentils minus the olives. What a downer for me to try to start a day without them. I didn’t yell or scream about “where were the olives?” I just remained “tranquila” (my calm Spanish blood) and somehow I managed to survive those days. Everything smoothed out by the end of the week, so I put it out of my mind. These days I sometimes don’t have to banish something from the mind, items seem to get lost more often than they used to.

Along came the next week, and almost immediately things were going from bad to worse. Two days of lentils — NO OLIVES! I still did not mention this lack of a part of my diet.

Can you blame me for being worried about what’s going on in the Warden’s memory box? And since it didn’t only happened one itsy-bitsy Daylight Savings Time day, I would overlook it — but here it is — a total of five days — how can one overlook twenty olives? (she allows me four a day.)

Yesterday, we had a tamale fried with some cheese on top and then you separately fry up a runny yoked egg and plop it on top the tamale. No need for olives, but if the Warden had made a misstep and accidentally put some olives on by mistake — I still wouldn’t say anything. Just gobble them quickly so she wouldn’t realize the mistake. Now here are some answers to this serious question that has reared its ugly head. But OLIVES are not little things. They mean a lot to me. It’s extremely important.

I have tried to think of a few things which may have caused all   this dilemma.

1) Maybe she is just testing me to see if I notice.

2) Could be she is sore about something I have done, or

didn’t do.

3) Maybe I forgot to set the dish washer which is my job.
4) And then maybe she has started to forget little things
 She’ll find out soon enough about me talking about her when she types this mish-mash for Tammy to put on “Monday with—–“ MELITAS FORSTER                               MONDAYS WITH MELITAS
"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy