— AND THE WEEK AFTER                                                   JANUARY 6, 2014


The Aztec Princess arrived home on Sunday, the 29th, around noon and immediately changed to her Warden uniform to let Marcie know: “Who’s the Boss?”  She had gone directly to the Palm   SpringsInternationalAirport to drop off Cuauhtémoc (Horace, her bro) so we will never know what paint he had on:  the war paint, or the peace paint along with a peace pipe.

So the Warden, and now just demoted, plain Marcie, sat and chatted while I was working on last week’s story, and they were probably raking me over the coals, or maybe Marcie was telling how nice I had been.  I don’t know how it happened, but I lost 2 and-a-half pounds down to 107.5 last week; this is serious business with me because I only weigh 110-112 pounds.  Do you think it was my niece beating on me, trying to straighten me out?

When Marcie left for MorenoValley where she lives, she incredibly forgot to take black blouse and a big box of Kleenex.  These items are much better to leave than when my nephew, Marshall, leaves after his duties as Vice Warden.  He has left his smart phone charger, or even the smart phone, then we have to scurry to the Post Office to send overnight.  I’m not about to scurry off with Marcie’s stuff.

The Warden was tired out all day.  That Reservation where the Aztecs and the Tiguas hang out wears everyone down even if I’m not there to make up gallons of Margaritas.  For dinner, we had some of the #3 cheekin and some steamed veggies.  I had already eaten some #3 cheekin in my breakfast lentils.  —- Can this still be #3 cheekin?

On Monday around here, we started in on some of the fruit.  Orange and Mango for breakfast, for dinner some of the potato salad with cheekin and those steamed vegetables.  Then on Tuesday, we continued with fruit, and added some papaya and apples.  Also, we had about 10 avocados to start last week, and now in the middle of this week, we still had half a dozen. We were getting into the fruit which didn’t play a big part of Marcie’s and my diet last week.  I wonder if I can blame Marcie for ending up on her watch at 107.5 pounds.  No, I can’t blame her except for a half of it.  We sat around gabbing most of the time, and reminiscing about the family, and the funny times, and the sad times.  We couldn’t take time to eat a lot because we were afraid I would lose my train of thought; however, Marcie is a good talker and can keep the words flowing.

Back to this week.  On Thursday morning, I was having the usual lentils, and I was grumpy through the entire meal.  First, I discovered — of all things — a  little cheekin bone.  It was kind of a light breakfast.  There was that little hint of cheekin, a few peas, but NO artichoke hearts NOR asparagus.  About 8 Calamata olives saved the day, but all I could do was grumble to myself. The Warden was out on the golf course.

We had eaten the last of the papaya by Friday, and Saturday the mangos were gone.  Saturday night, it was the last of the vegetables and potato salad.

And now about my weight.  On Friday, December 20, I weighed in at 110.5, by Saturday, the 28th, I was down to 107.5.  Climbed to 108 on Sunday. Then on the 31st the scales gave a reading of 108.5; finally, here today January 5th, 2014, I came in at 109.5 so it’s back to the same ol’, same ol’.

One of these days, when the Warden is out and around, maybe she will bring home one of those EL POLLO LOCO dinners like you see on TV.

Just to change the menu.


The picture shows the CONSUMER REPORT  that was delivered to my mail box yesterday with the cover asking:  “is your Chicken Safe to Eat?”

                                   CAUTION      CAUTION


(Maybe I should read the article)



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