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Well, I have to tell you that it took the Warden about a week-and-a-half to

get me back to my usual weight of 110.5 pounds, mostly pure muscle (now that

“muscle” part is an out-and-out lie.) However, if you need to get fattened up,

come on over.

I don’t want you to think it was Vice Warden Marcie’s fault that I lost all of

that 3.5 pounds. The fault lies on both our shoulders. We were just too darned

lazy to try to dream up the daily menu when we had all that cheekin laying around

staring at us.  It was much too easy to just fill a plate with the cheekin and throw

on some veggies, then zap it in the micro. Why bother with salad, and all that

other stuff? This way we had more time for Marcie’s puzzles and my stuff,

whatever that might be at the moment — then back to shooting the breeze.

Marcie is coming back over next week to pick up her black blouse and big

box of Kleenex which she had inadvertently left here after her stint as fill-in

Warden. She has made it quite clear that we will be going to Applebee’s at my

expense because we didn’t get there when she was here on the time clock. And I

had told her before Christmas that Applebee’s was one of the perks of the job

here. I wonder if leaving something like the blouse and Kleenex wasn’t her

forgetting at all — it was remembering one way to get that promise out of me.

Can’t think of anything else. The cheekin is way over done. Besides, I

can’t do a very lengthy story since I haven’t mastered the Dragon Speak thing to

talk into my computer, and it comes out all nicely typed. My hands have been

really yelling “HELP!” They are on their last legs, or should I say “arms?”


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