Tammy:Well, it seems as though buying a new computer has stressed out Melitas, I received this email from her yesterday:


The day is so gloomy, a few sprinkles, and I am fitting right in with it. Just can’t get myself to move onto this machine, take a story and WRITE it. Maybe it’s because I have a half dozen stories wanting to get out of my brain all at once, and they are confusing me. They are old Palm Springs stuff, even about gangsters, and about a couple of the hotels, a golf club, a little airport. Just remember, I have been coming to Palm Springs since I was just a little kid, and the autos didn’t have roll up and down windows, and we would drive down to Indio on the wooden planks, which lay on top of the sand, and voilá! that was your road.
So, Tammy, please put this on “Mondays” which will explain to all my clamoring readers why I don’t have a scintillating story this week. Having to change to a new computer has done me in.
Tammy:  I know she still reads all your comments so spread the love and send her a comment.
"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy