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Let’s see, how about this for a Monday? The weather has turned chilly, and it feels even chillier to our poor old bones — well, at least to my poor old bones — because the summer was hot and the old bones had just gotten used to the heat, and the old blood seemed to be boiling throughout the body. Well, it cooled off over night, and more than ever I need that jump start each and every morning.

You might have guessed, I’m talking about the morning meal around here. Yes, the Lentil Soup which the Warden throws together with much abandon. You’ve got to get with the program, so today we will have a Lesson about what to do with these healthy little legumes which evidently come in a myriad of colors.

First of all, just pick up some plain old lentils which come in little plastic pound bags at 99¢ each. Do NOT use the ones that are just sitting loose in a big barrel just because they are cheaper. They are too dirty. You don’t know where the hands have been that just riffle through these legumes just for the heck of it. Or, for all you know there may be some little critters that take over the market in the night, and just race around through everything leaving the Lord only knows what. So now, take 2 bags (2 lbs) and spread the lentils on the counter top to spend a little time separating out the dirt, rocks, or whatever. Rinse them really well using a colander, and you are ready for a great adventure of making this delectable dish full of Protein, Fiber, and Vitamins.

Use a medium size cook pot, throw (like the Warden – with abandon) the 2 lbs. of Lentils into the pot, ADD (with not TOO much abandon) 8 cups of Water, a couple of tbls of Olive Oil, and 2 packets of Sazón Goya, a Unique Seasoning con culantro y achiote. I should’ve mentioned that when you were in the grocery store you should pick up a box of this Unique Seasoning, so you wouldn’t have to leave now and race to obtain this most important ingredient. Don’t continue without it.

Be sure to read as much as you can on the box. Good description for other dishes you may want to try. When you have this together, start cooking on High for about 30 minutes, stirring once in awhile.

Then lower the Heat to simmer. Add some carrots, a sliced onion, sliced garlic clove, slice some celery, and maybe you would like to throw in a cut up yam or sweet potato. Another item, which we don’t always add is a small can of Whole Green Chiles, and BE SURE to remove the seeds — very carefully.

Simmer this for about 45 minutes, and test it. I hope it is smelling like good enough to eat. You may be taken aback by the amount this recipe makes. Never fear, freeze it in flat Pie-tin like containers that you get when you have Chinese take-out. Then you will love it when making a laden-with-goodies breakfast. It is fast.          This is where you make it even more delectable with your own ideas of what’s good to eat.

Use a porridge bowl for your breakfast of Champions. First, put in the amount of lentils that you want to tackle at this particular time. Not too many because you may want to toss in some left-over Costco rotisserie chicken, or maybe some left-over veggies. Fresh asparagus is great. And then there is a winner you pick up in the frozen food department at Trader Joe’s – his Artichoke Hearts. (I’m dying for some food right about now.) And by the way, when you have veggies steamed for dinner, save the water from them, and then you add a bit of this to your breakfast bowl for some moisture because you are going to zap this in the micro on REHEAT.   OMG, I forgot to mention my EVERY DAY ADDITION. It’s those Calamata olives, but you could always use just plain old black, canned olives. I use them too when out of the Calamatas. The Warden gives me an allowance of 5 each morning, or it may be early afternoon if I had a bad night.

Don’t start to eat this yet. For more good stuff, you can cut up some fresh Cilantro, or some Green Onions, or both; and sprinkle on top. It’s all good. Use your own imagination, and make it your very own Recipe.

So right now the thing to do: On your way racing out of the house, climb into your limo and head for the grocery store. Better have list: Lentils and Sazón, and any other items you may need. GO, THEN COOK.

Delectably yours, Melitas.   P.S. Please invite me over for brunch anytime.

I’ll bring the liquid refreshments.


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just out of the microwave

just out of the microwave


cilantro thrown in with much abandon, also showing collagen pills, Nopalea agave health juice, Himalayan salt and only one supplementary pill with Rx pills

cilantro thrown in with much abandon, also showing collagen pills, Nopalea agave health juice, Himalayan salt and only one supplementary pill with Rx pills

Now ready to scarf it down!

Now ready to scarf it down!




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