SOME MORE AFTERMATH                                   DECEMBER 01, 2014


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting a little bored writing a blow-by-blow description of the Warden’s knee surgery and the recovery going on. No one ever wrote about my recoveries after the spinal surgery, or the hip replacement, or beating the odds and staying alive after a bout with Guillain-Barré. I must realize, in those old days, we didn’t have anything like blogs. When I was having all those recoveries, the ordinary people didn’t understand the first thing about computers.


I remember buying a computer in about 1990. It had a funny kind of paper to print on, and I just didn’t understand what it was all about, so I gave it to my grandson, Gabe. Said I would never buy one of those contraptions. I had to retire from real estate because they were not going to print the Multiple Book — I would have to have a computer to look up the listings. No way, José. Then whaddya know, in 1999 I had a blip in the brain and succumbed to purchasing a computer and have been plugging away ever since. I even went to Senior Center for lessons. I was hooked.


I think my brain is going from one thing to another, and I’m just putting it all down. Whatever — Some days my brain just does this.


The brain is conjuring up some thoughts now to get back to the knee replacement. I’ll bet I have to look at that knee and the scar about 1500 times a day. It’s overkill because I can’t tell if it has gotten better since the last time I was subjected to the last unveiling.


The meals are still quite scrumptious around here, so the knee didn’t affect the Warden’s culinary skills. I am very happy about that. The meals are so good that I never have “lost” any while having to inspect the knee’s incision when the staples were still there. (It didn’t look so good at that time.) I can tell you, it has improved by leaps and bounds. She goes out walking around the block, and I gotta tell you it is a huge block. She spends early morning doing the exercises and the ice pack. Leg elevated for rest, then more of the therapy moves, more ice — and the beat goes on.


Brain is having a change of mind. Have to leave, and call Gail and Sabrina for pedicure and some hair styling.



MELITAS FORSTER                                        MONDAYS WITH MELITAS


Knee: Looking good

Knee: Looking good

Me:                       Not looking so good.  Need to get appt for new hair do.

Me: Not looking so good. Need to get appt for new hair do.

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