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Now, here’s a story about the 115 year-old lady who passed away in the Netherlands back in August of 2005.  Guiness Book of Records had, prior to her death, recognized her as the world’s “Oldest Person,” and at the time of her death, she was actually 115 years and 3 months old.  I am aghast that they didn’t keep track of each and every day, maybe even mark down the hours, even to the second. That’s the least they could’ve done.

Then along comes CNN getting into the act, reporting that her brain was in good shape — no signs of Alzheimer’s or any other diseases that appear in old age.  (In this case, I would say, ancient age.)  And who sez all old people are not playing with a full deck?

They have been picking and poking away at this poor woman’s body for these past 9 years.  Why don’t they just leave her alone to get some well-earned rest and peace?  I wonder if those so-called Privacy Laws would apply here.  Let her be, already.

The most important part of the information about these medical studies is that “They Say” she only had TWO (2) stem cells left putt-putt-putting along, and at birth she had started with 20,000, give or take — as everyone does. Can you believe that???  And that it takes around 1,000 of theses cells to keep the bloodstream pumping? It was a miracle that those 2 stem cells stuck around to carry on the monumental job. I’m so glad she had those 2 loners that never gave up the ship, nor did they shirk their duty — just went chugging along,  just the 2 of them. I wonder if they ever ran in to one another on their bodily travels trying to keep this woman’s wheel of life well-oiled.  It brings tears to your eyes to think these 2 stuck it out. You gotta give these 2 stem cell soldiers a 21-gun salute for hanging in there.

At this juncture, we will switch over to my case at hand.  It sounds like I should be taking stock in my supply of stem cells. It would appear that they are most important to keep the blood rushing around into the nooks and crannies of one’s body. The trouble is: is there a way to count them when you are alive and kicking?  Then, in case I am lucky enough to find and count them, I would have to learn how to nurture them and keep them healthy and happy while they work, swirling around keeping my blood replenished. You see, I have never given a thought to my stem cells.  I haven’t helped matters either over the past 15 or 20 years, the way I have been getting into scrapes that open the skin and allow the blood to jump ship.  It’s not funny!  I have the shins on my legs to prove the point of how my legs seem to want to have contact with objects that slice and bruise, and then there is now a scar on the top of my head which chose to tangle with the trunk lid of my car leaving puddles of my life’s blood on the pavement in Stater’s parking lot about a month ago.

All of which brings into focus an anomaly of sorts.  I would say that you have been hearing about all the football players suffering concussions  — and dumbing them down a bit. Really serious stuff.  Well, I just read about this guy who had a real bad concussion, was unconscious even, and when he came to he was as smart as a whip. No “duh” for him.  Sort of like the “Unforgettable” lady on TV.

In my day, I have had several concussions, and after each one, I feel somehow that I have become smarter.




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