PAY ATTENTION TO THIS                                                      APRIL 14, 2014


You will thank me —- profusely!

If you can believe this!  I actually learned something this morning when I turned on my laptop and started reading the AOL news.  It’s such good news that I must pass it on.

This is not one of those “They say” items that I abhor, but about  “Researchers say” that they have discovered yet another reason to love coffee.”  These Researchers have been conducting studies started in the 1990’s, so it is not a spur-of-the-moment revelation.  The bottom line, or the bottom of the cup,  is that if you drink at least one cup of coffee a day, you are doing something good for your liver, and even two or three cups may be better.  Coffee discourages the chance for liver cancer.  It is also nice to hear that the coffee lowers the chances of liver cancer due to advancing age, obesity, smoking, drinking (oh, oh, I’d better have another cup,) sex, (I don’ know about that) and diabetes.

I’m so happy Mom and Dad would let us have coffee for breakfast when we were about 6 or 7 years old.  Viv and I thought it was just wonderful — of course the coffee was negligible — probably 10 parts milk to 1 part coffee plus sugar.  As we grew older, the amount of coffee grew, and the milk lessened, and by the time I was 16, I liked it better just plain black.  I can’t remember what Viv did with her coffee —- OMG, is that something I can’t remember?

In the past, everyone had those old metal percolator pots that sat on the stove and perked away, then the drip machines like Mr Coffee, Melitta, or Cuisinart came along.  They always made a goodly amount of the brew, and it just happened that I would always drink several cups.  After all, you can’t just let it sit there and go to waste.  When the one cup Keurig came along with those pods, had to have one — no cleaning the pot appealed to me, but I ended up having only one cup before breakfast.  However, for several months, I have been stretching to 2 cups several days a week — a little bird in my inner voice kept telling me to do it.

The Warden was wandering around through life without coffee — she did not like it, and she had these beautiful porcelain mugs with the Foreign Service  Emblem in gold on them just crying out to be used, one from the American Embassy in London, and one from the Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia.  She noticed when I admired them, and graciously mentioned that it was okay to use them.  I think the coffee tasted better, much richer; but after awhile I stopped using them —you don’t dare put a cup of that type in the dish washer — because of being porcelain and having the gold logo.  I do abhor hand washing good china.

I have been jawing at her to try coffee, and after several years she is finally having a cup every day, except by the time she makes it, there is no resemblance to coffee like I know it what with all that creamer stuff she puts in it.  At least she is trying.  Now that I have written this discourse, she may try to wean herself off the creamer.  She doesn’t realize what she is missing.  Her liver will certainly be much happier.











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