Last week I was teaching a class in a private home and we wrote together for two hours.  One of our prompts that I gave the students was This very moment…

I asked Paula Young, the author of this piece if I could share it with all of you so enjoy!


At this very moment, I am so happy to be here. In a writing class. With my peeps.


Doesn’t matter how long or how well I’ve know any of them. Doesn’t matter if we’d have anything in common, outside of this room.


While I’m here, I’m with family. My family of writers. And I feel totally at home and at peace, enjoying this moment. This very moment.


We all have something to say, even if we’re only saying it to ourselves or each other. Our voices are important. There is power in our words. We are bonded strongly, at this very moment.


We are blessed to be here. We all know it, and we are grateful,

At this very moment…


"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy