Memories from the past propel me to the present and the future.  It encourages me to ask: What gifts am I finding in my life today?  What moments are hidden blessings?  What am I learning?  How am I celebrating?  What do I want to preserve to remember for myself and family?

Today is a beautiful day and the gifts I am finding today was going to Whole Foods (we don’t have one in the desert, waaah!) and enjoying the beautiful foods!  Buying delicious carmel and pear tea from Gypsy Rose Tea Company (the best!)

Hidden blessings are having my morning meditation and my little dog Courtney is laying beside me with her head on my knee.

I am learning to appreciate each day and marvel in its beauty!

I am celebrating by working on new summer curriculum!

I want to preserve my words to be a blessing to my family,  that I am writing down what it is I am learning about each new day!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy