Happy Hollow is a place in San Jose that is a small zoo and little play area for children.  My mom took me there when I was a little girl and I of course took my kids there when they were small.  This picture to the right is of my oldest son Kent Jr. (now 26) and my daughter, Kristen (now 24). 

The pig or hog or sow, whatever it is…I could swear was the same one when I was a little girl.  The donkey in the background, yep…same one I remember.  I first grew to love my favorite animal, the lemur at Happy Hollow.  My daughter was just there recently and she swears they have new animals…hmmm not sure about that!

What are your memories that you remember from childhood?  Where did your parents take you for fun times?  If you raised your children in the same town you grew up in, did you also take them to some of the same places you went as a child? 

Happy Hollow is one of those institutions that holds a lot of memories for me.  I can remember sliding down the slides and playing at the park, feeding the goats and even going to the little exhibit where the guinea pigs have little houses on a remote island.  And of course, who can forget Danny the Dragon the train ride. 

One of my other great memories from childhood is Frontier Village.  This was a great place, but unfortunately wasn’t around when my children were born.  I went to Frontier Village many times.  The place my children went to the most was Great America Amusement Park.  When they were little I worked in the guest relations department which means I could bring them to the park a lot!  They loved it!

Spend some time writing about your childhood memories and also the memories that you remember with your children!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy