blog 2-6Hello everybody!  In case you were wondering our dear sweet Melitas was up and at ’em ready to attend a big reunion at her ol’ stompin’ grounds in San Juan Capistrano.  In her excitement at just arriving to the hotel, she wanted to quickly change into one of her many “tequila” shirts to head out to meet with the family.  In her haste she fell and landed on both her knees and luckily was stopped by her hard noggin.  The ever dutiful Alba AKA The Warden, rushed her to the emergency to doctor up her poor little knees…her head of course clear as ever!  Unfortunately she didn’t get to enjoy the reunion.

Upon her return home she went to see her Doctor who ordered her to get over to Eisenhower to check out her knee. She was then admitted for a few days to get a thorough examination.  I will save the rest of the story for her to tell, as only she knows how to tell a really good story…especially when she is the star of the action!

If you would like to send her some comments to this blog, she would love it.  If you would like to send her a card, she would enjoy that as well.   As in the words of Melitas, gifts not needed, tequila ok.

Here is her address:

Melitas Forster

79613 Dandeliion Drive

La Quinta, CA 92253

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy