I love setting goals.  Being a writer I tend to write down my plans, if not in my notebook, at least in my head.  Sunday was all set.  I had this day set apart to finalize my Wine-Women-Writing Workshop for Friday and I was going to write my November newsletter.  Upon awakening I remembered that I wanted to attend the Woman’s Show to peruse the aisles.  Since I am not a shopper, I knew I could walk the aisles quickly and just get a feel for what was happening.  I quickly walked by the vendors that were selling clothes, jewelry, lotions, etc.  I was stopped by a booth called Loving All Animals.  I was able to meet the President of this wonderful organization and meet one of her rescue dogs.  I was immediately struck by her organization.  I accepted her brochure and listened as she said she would be having an open house at her home the next day at 10:30.  I couldn’t get that rescue dog out of my mind and found myself at her house the next day at 10:30.  What an amazing woman this is and the organization is incredible.  If you or someone you know would like to rescue a dog you should go to www.lovingallanimals.org and check them out!  There will be a huge pet adoption at Jackalope on November 20 and 21!


"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy