Things I would have walked by fifteen years ago-a striking flower, the sun sparkling on water, a photograph of the light reflected in someone’s eyes-stop me now.  Sometimes we get so accustomed to something that we no longer “see” it-let alone see the beauty in it.  Photography sharpens our sense of sight and helps us rediscover the beauty we’ve missed.  When photographs are trapped inside albums or boxes, we glance through them quickly.  We notice faces or environments, and we keep flipping.  But a memoir with a photo page begs us to stop.  It says, “Look.  Here.  This matters right now.  Do you see how beautiful this moment was…and is?”

Writer’s challenge: Pick a photo from your album and re-discover the beauty in the moment…write about it and share it with those you love!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy