Sometimes not knowing a lot about the computer can be trying!  I am definitely a slow learner in the computer world.  I have been a member of the professional business group called Linked In.  If you want to know more about it, don’t ask me because I really couldn’t tell you.  I guess it could be helpful if you used it properly but lately some of my friends have been asking me about Linked in…right out of the blue. 

It finally dawned on me this morning (as I started getting notified of new connections I had made)…that when I accepted a connection the other day that I clicked on the button that said find connections and I am assuming it went into my contacts book.  So if you received a request from me you can do one of two things.  First you can choose to ignore it or you can accept. 

Hope this clears up some confusion, but then again I am usually confused, but maybe you aren’t!  Instead of worrying about Linked in, I would rather be doing what I am doing in this picture…hiking, or doing yoga or listening to my favorite music on my youtube channel or getting a root canal…you get the picture I am sure…

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy