One of my favorite things to do is create and facilitate new workshops.  This summer I am so excited to be presenting a series of workshops called “Telling your Truths: a Memoir Workshop.”  I will be teaching all 3 of these sessions at the Heritage Palms Country Club located near Jefferson and Fred Waring.  Even if you cannot attend all 3 workshops, just attending one will boost your writing to a new level.  Not only will you be inspired to master your craft, but in the process you will get to meet and spend time with some other really great women.  The workshop on June 30 will feature 4 subsections: Defining your memoir, Practical ways to get started, The form of your memoir and The what, why and how of your truth.  The cost of these workshops are $65.00 and they run from 9-1, and it includes a delicious luncheon as well!  For an even better deal, prepay for all 3 and pay only $55.00 per workshop!  To register for the June 30 or July 12 or August 18 workshop send an email to

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