Woke up this morning with another day of having a sore throat! I have been in the Pacific Palisades for just over one week and my body must be rejecting the ocean air! I have definitely become a desert rat and miss it terribly! I have spent my morning working on the curriculum for the upcoming summer workshop series and I am very excited about each workshop! The next class will be on Sunday, June 28th and we will be discussing Imagery and Storytelling. This class will be co-taught by Patricia Claytor. I have been doing lots of walking here in the Palisades, I am surrounded by hills! I love the view of the ocean and the beauty of the hills. Courtney is enjoying the cooler weather and looking forward to our trip up the coast which we will begin on Monday, June 29. Remember if you haven’t signed up for a workshop, c’mon! We have such great fun, plus a delicious lunch following the workshop!
Ok, back to work for me! Enjoy your wonderful day!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy