I look forward to my Mondays.  I know, most people dread this first work day of the week.  I spend my Mondays at the Lucy Curci Cancer Center located at Eisenhower Hospital.  I teach  the Writing for Wellness class on Monday mornings.  Yesterday while I was sitting in the classroom waiting for my students to arrive I glanced over  and saw this quote by Arnold Palmer – It’s About Making a Difference.

How true I thought as I read those 5 words.  It is about making a difference.  Who has made a difference in your life?  Are you making a difference in the lives of those around you?  I know that after I am gone I would love for those who knew me to say they were glad they knew me and that I made a difference in their life.

A great writing prompt for today would be for you to write about those who made a difference in your life throughout your lifetime.  Start making your list and take it a step forward.  If they are still alive why don’t you write them a card or letter and let them know how they shaped your life.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy