For those of you who have missed writing with me in Palm Springs I have come up with a way for us to still learn and write together. At the beginning of each month I will send you a lesson on writing and then give you an assignment. At the end of the month, you will send me your piece and I will email out everyone’s piece so we can all learn from each other. This will start out as a lesson via newsletter but eventually I hope to do some online lessons with you or have some video lessons that you can look at. To become a charter member you will get extra special bonuses!

There will be a yearly fee of $240.00 per year (that is $20.00 per month and you will get a lesson and get a chance to share your piece with the club and read other club member’s pieces).

Charter Members are those members who sign up before the end of October. Not only will I take $40.00 off (You just pay $200.00), you will get two free bonus months – November and December and then you will get all of the 2016 lessons. So you will get 14 lessons for $200.00 which breaks down to less than $15.00 per month!

Another bonus for club members is that you will get $150.00 off your next TLC Writing Retreat, so that means your club membership, should you choose to go on a retreat brings your price down to $50.00.

To join it is very simple!

Mail in your check to TLC

712 E Vista Chino

Palm Springs, CA 92262

I will give you lessons on memoir, descriptive writing, dialogue, building characters, etc.

Plus you will get to know your fellow club members by reading their words.

Remember bonus price lasts until November 1st, 2015. Then price will be $240.00 for the 2016 year.

This is especially great if you have been to one of my retreats or workshops. It is a great way to have a reason to write each month!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy