Yesterday I was enjoying lunch with a friend when I picked up my phone and saw I had a zillion messages.  What I found out was friends letting me know about the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  When I got home I turned on CNN and was absorbed by the video and pictures of this horrific event.  I felt such a feeling of sadness since I have met so many runners during my half marathons who were training for this run.

I finally pulled myself away and laced up my running shoes and headed out for a run.  I ran for 10 miles and thinking and praying the whole time for those who were injured or witnessed this terrible tragedy.

Since I have taken up running a year and a half ago I feel a connection with other runners.  I know how hard it is to train for races and the dedication it requires…especially to qualify for a race such as Boston.

So with a heavy heart, I want us to remember those who have been affected by this tragedy.

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